Tango-Nuevo (1996)


When I first saw Astor Piazzolla perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival in the late eighties, I was immediately taken by his contagious vivacity on stage. Above all else in NUEVO TANGO music, I am attracted by the extreme contrast of emotions evoking moods ranging from deep passion to elating tenderness. I came across this description of the tango by Pierre Monette, which I think captures much of Piazzolla’s musical spirit.

“The Tango feeds on memories. If blues music comes from the pain in the soul, tango comes form inside these wounds associated with a profound sense of loss, – exile. The heart of tango is not in Argentina, but in the wounded heart that we all have inside us that beats to the slow count of the passage of time…”


Track Listing

  • 1. Verano Porteño

Histoire du Tango  (Suite for flute and guitar)

  • 2. Bordel
  • 3. Café
  • 4. Night-Club
  • 5. Concert d’aujourd’hui
  • 6. Inverño Porteño
  • 7. Tango no3
  • 8. Adios Noniño

Double Concerto for Guitar and Bandoneon

  • 9. Introduction
  • 10. Milonga
  • 11. Tango


Where To Buy

  • Album is in the process of being re-issued. Stay tuned!