Robert Bauer Homage to Astor Piazzolla
William Beauvais Horizon’s Echo
John Beckwith After images, after Webern (for guitar and cello)
Omar Daniel My Angel (for voice and guitar)
Stephen Gellman Concertina (for guitar and string quartet)
Richard Gibson Cantilena
Chris Harman The Swan that Died in Darkness
Jacques Hétu Final (from Suite for Guitar op.41)
Raymond Luedeke Elemental Dances (for guitar and string quartet)
Alisdair MacLean Songs about Birds (for guitar, voice and clarinet)
Sandy Moore Prisms (for guitar and celtic harp)
Steven Naylor Imaginary Places 5 (with electronic CD)
Pierre Proulx Variations on a Folkloric Theme
Clark Ross Variations on McGillicuddy’s Rant
Don Ross August on the Island
Carolan’s Quarrel with the Landlady
Patrick Roux Endiablado (guitar, sax, clarinet, percussion)
Tango Contretemps Go (guitar, sax, clarinet, percussion)
Les rues mal famées (guitar, sax, clarinet, percussion)
Harry Somers Sonata
Claude Vivier Pour Guitare
John Weinzweig Contrasts for Guitar